Blood borne diseases, legislation & procedures

Infection Control Training is a mandated training program for any employee, self-employed person, or safety representative who may be exposed to blood or other body fluids.

It is designed to meet the requirements and recommendations of the HSE and the medical professionals. Infection control training is required in other industries outside the medical world like; Custodial services (prisons/detention centre's/homes), Education, Embalming and crematorium work, Emergency services (ambulance/fire/police/rescue), Vehicle recovery and repair, First aid, Hairdressing and beauticians' work, Laboratory work (forensic, research etc) Medical/dental equipment repair, Mortuary work, Military, Hotel workers, Needle exchange service, Plumbing, Sewage processing, Social services, Tattooing, ear and body piercing, Local authority services (street cleaning/park maintenance/refuse disposal/ public lavatory maintenance), Health care (hospitals, clinics, dental surgeries, pathology departments, community nursing, acupuncture, chiropody, associated cleaning services).

Infection Control Curriculum Includes:

  • Introductory Infection Control Training
  • What are Blood Borne Pathogens?
  • Infection Control Legislation
  • Types of Blood Borne Diseases
  • HIV and AIDS,Hepatitis B Virus, Hepatitis C Virus
  • Skin Diseases
  • Other Viruses
  • Engineering and Work Practice Controls
  • Cross Infection, Reducing Risk
  • Body Handling and Disposal, Body Fluid Cleanup Procedures
  • Hazardous Disposal Procedures
  • Glove Removal and Disposal, Hand Hygiene
  • Basic Food Hygiene
  • Exposure Incident
  • Healthcare Professionals
  • Clean Technique Tattoos, Safe Injection Practices
  • Testing and Counselling.

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Great course. Graham, the instructor was very informative and the course had all then relevant content and information.

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Thom Edward

August 2019

Very good company to get specialised training. Good instructor, good classroom and study paperwork’s.

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Rafael De Nadai

August 2019

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